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Evergreen Support, founded by Emma Fletcher and Ellis Annichine, provides customer support services for online businesses like yours.

We have run multiple businesses ourselves and know how important customer support interactions are for small businesses. We also know they can be stressful and distracting for a business owner who is trying to do it all. That is where Evergreen Support comes in. We help you develop robust customer service documentation and processes. Then we execute on those processes. Freeing up your time so you can get back to building your business.

Evergreen Support has been so incredibly easy to work with. They got up to speed quickly and integrated into our team seamlessly. Their help has freed up hours of time on our staff, allowing us to focus on other revenue driving projects while knowing that our customers are being very well taken care of. I highly recommend working with them!

Tiffany Jones
Co-CEO, Lime Technology

Evergreen Support has been a godsend for our growing company. Onboarding them to our company workflows and technology stack was a breeze. Ellis and Emma are quick learners, efficient workers and always extremely professional with customers. I can't recommend them enough!

Spencer Jones
Unraid Marketing and Communications Manager

What if I sign up for the deal but it doesn't end up being a good fit for my business?

That is okay! There is no obligation to purchase if you sign up for the Black Friday deal. We want to do what is best for your business. If we get to talking and realize it isn't right fit that is no problem. We can still be friends, we promise!

How do you support all these businesses at once?

Great question! It is all about developing great documentation and processes. To create the best onboarding and documentation experience we only onboard one client at a time. That is right, when it is your onboarding week we will be 100% focused on getting your business streamlined so Evergreen Support can best support you.

Is it really just YOU (Emma and Ellis) answering all these support requests?

Yep, it really is just two the of us (for now). Emma is located in sunny Sacramento, California and Ellis is located just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We look forward to expanding our team in the future but for now it is just the two of us.

  • I'm Ellis, nice to meet you! 😊

  • Hello, I'm Emma 👋

Okay, I'm in! Let's do this!

  • Sign up for our Black Friday deal below, to be eligible you must sign up before midnight Dec 1st

  • We will start at the beginning of the list and work our way down

  • When it is your turn on the list, you'll schedule a discovery call with us or complete our asynchronous questionnaire

  • If everything is a good fit, you pick a start date in Q1, people higher on the list will have more available start dates to choose from

  • Evergreen will onboard on your selected date and 2023 will be your best business year ever!

Black Friday Deal Details

  • $100 off your first month of support services

  • Sign up for the deal using the form below before Dec 1st

  • Payment is not required until services start

  • Must start services with Evergreen Support before March 30, 2023

  • Spaces are limited, only 10 new clients will be accepted in Q1 2023

  • Potential clients will be contacted in the order they sign up