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Customer Support Specialist

Part-time or Full-time, Fully Remote, Starting at $20/hr

Who We Are

Evergreen Support is a customer support agency dedicated to supporting online businesses. We specialize in ecommerce and SaaS businesses. What sets us apart is our personalized approach. We build strong relationships with our clients, becoming an extension of their team.

We founded Evergreen Support after facing our own challenges running and scaling multiple online businesses. We believe that customer support is the differentiator for online businesses. Every day our support services make a real impact on our clients' success.

Role Overview

As a Customer Support Specialist at Evergreen Support, your primary responsibility will be to provide exceptional support to our clients customers through email communication. You will also be responsible for updating documentation about various support scenarios and communicating those process changes to the team.

Key Responsibilites:

  1. Email Support: Promptly and professionally responding to customer inquiries and concerns via email. Your exceptional written communication skills will be essential in providing clear and concise solutions, addressing customer needs, and ensuring a positive customer experience.
  2. Documentation: Creating and maintaining documentation that serves as a knowledge base for both our clients and internal team. Your ability to articulate complex concepts in a user-friendly manner will be critical in developing comprehensive and easy-to-understand documentation resources.
  3. Multi-Inbox Management: You will work across multiple inboxes, efficiently organizing and prioritizing incoming emails. Your excellent organizational and time management skills will ensure timely responses and effective resolution of customer issues.


🌎 Remote First, Work from Home

We are a remote first, distributed company. Work from wherever you want within Eastern - Pacific time zone hours.

🗓️ Flexible Schedule

Early bird? In the zone in the afternoon? Pick the hours that work best for your schedule. This position requires at minimum 3 hours per day Monday - Friday. We’ll work with you to find a schedule that works for you. Need to move your hours for an appointment or other commitment? No problem, just let us know!

🏖️ 26 Days Vacation / Paid Time Off

All US Federal Holidays & Christmas Eve - New Years Day are company-wide paid days off. You’ll have an additional 10 days paid vacation to use at your discretion.

💰 401K with 4% match

We value the financial well-being and future security of our employees. This benefit is designed to help you save for retirement and make the most of your income.

Who You'll Work With

You will work directly with the two co-founders of Evergreen Support, Emma Fletcher and Ellis Annichine. Emma has a background in Software Engineering and has been building online businesses for the past seven years. Ellis is a master of organization and business operations. We love combining our unique backgrounds to provide excellent customer support services to our clients. You'll also work directly with the business owners and teams we support. You'll communicate with them primarily through their inbox management system and sometimes over video calls.

About You

  • You're an excellent communicator, both verbally and in writing
  • You're exceptionally organized
  • You're proactive and can work independently, taking the initiative to solve problems as they arise.
  • You're comfortable working with a remote team and have the skills to do so effectively.

Why you might want to work with us

  • We're a small but growing team, so your work will have a significant impact
  • You have a passion for solving problems, both customer facing issues and operational improvements for the businesses we support
  • You love learning about different industries and technologies, our clients businesses cover a wide range of services and products

Why you might not want to work with us

  • As a remote company, communication is key. If you're not comfortable working and coordinating tasks remotely, this might not be the best fit.
  • You'll be managing a wide variety of tasks, some of which might be outside your usual comfort zone.
  • We're a growing company, so change is a constant. You'll need to be adaptable and open to evolving responsibilities.

Interview Process

  • Initial Interview Screening (30 Mins), informal and aimed at seeing if there’s a high level match for what we and you are looking for. Bring your questions, we’re here to answer them!
  • Take Home Documentation Exercise (1 - 2 Hours), A chance for us to see how you break down complex business operations into easy, repeatable steps for our team. This will evaluate your ability to work independently as part of a remote team.
  • Main Interview (60 Mins), Our goal with this session is to get a better sense of how you work with others, your problem-solving skills, and task management strategies.
  • Informational Q&A (30 Mins), We believe hiring is a two-way street. Meet with a team member working in the role you'll be doing. We want to make sure Evergreen Support is the right fit for you. This is your chance to ask any final questions!

How to Apply

Complete the application form here.