Customer Support for your small business without hiring an employee

Guaranteed 24 hour response time for your customer requests without adding more work to your to do list

Spend more time working on your business, while your current clients are being taken care of. Piece of mind that the foundation you created is cared for.

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Hello There!

  • I'm Ellis Annichine

    People Person Extraordinaire πŸ™Œ

  • I'm Emma Fletcher

    Tech and Data Nerd πŸ€“

We love people and we love small businesses

Most of all we love helping business owners create an outstanding, streamlined system to support their customers!

We met in 2021 working at New Sphere, an online Preschool. Instantly we hit it off. Ellis brought a bubbly personality along side a no nonsense get sh*t done attitude. While Emma brought some out of the box creative problem solving brought to life through low-code and no-code solutions with a healthy side of sarcastic humor. With our powers combined we are a dynamic duo who can get the job done.

In 2022 we took over the online preschool and put our business running skills to the test. The one thing was found over and over again was our customers LOVE us! Great support made all the difference. Along the way we met other business owners who were awesome but they were struggling. They has so much to do and not enough time to do it all. The needed someone to help out with customer but didn't need a full employee. They wanted to take a vacation but who could the trust and train to take care of their customers? That is where we got the idea for creating Evergreen Support. A simple support service designed for soloprenuers and small businesses.

No two businesses are the same. That is why we start out with a totally free, totally fun, no obligation 30 minute discovery call. We have found this is the best way for us to learn about you and how we can help. Plus we get to meet some really cool business owners like you 😎

Let's Talk

No obligation, 30 minute discovery call.

Let's get to know each other. We want to hear about you and your business - we know we are the best support team out there β€” let's see if we are the right fit for you!

How it Works

A better way to support your customers

Without putting more work on yourself. We are the employee of the month and of your year - without the hiring, training, and development of hiring a team member. Oh yeah and we treat you like the team member we always wanted. At Evergreen Support, we are the foundation that helps you grow your business.

Tailored to your business

We have basic monthly subscription packages that you are able to add on or customize. No one business is the same and we get that. We also get how important your clients are to you, so it’s important to us to get this part right. We work together to get what your deliverables are … and yup, then we just do them.

No hidden fees

And no extra costs. What we provide you as a subscription price will be yours. Get to know us and you will see why. We hate when prices come through the weeds for small business owners (we are one too!). Why would we do that to you?

U.S. Based, Native English Speakers

Heck, we added this in because on just about all job posts for a customer service representative - this was included. Has to be important to some of you. We also speak dry humor, professional sarcasm and tech speak.

Responsive Support

We hear from all our clients, this is important. It's important to us too. Nothing is worse than reaching out to a company and it takes days, even weeks to hear back. Whether it's just a β€œHey! We got this” or the solution to their problem, we are able to handle it. Oh, and it will not be reactive either. Together, we collaborate on your messaging, while getting to know your business. Whew. We see you relaxing already.

Frequently asked questions

That's the end of our FAQ, we really try to keep it simple 😊